Wednesday, February 19, 2014

HTC One (2014) to carry dual rear-facing cameras

The seemingly always reliable @evleaks tweeted a photo of HTC's upcoming 2014 flagship phone, the HTC One. The Wednesday photo tweet followed @evleaks' Tuesday explanation for how HTC would differentiate between last year's HTC One and this year's HTC One: The new model will be dubbed "The All New One."

@evleaks added that the new device will ship in gray, silver, and gold.

HTC is planning to introduce its newest HTC One on March 25 in dual events, one in London and one in New York City. The image shows a device back that seems little changed from the current one, which isn't a surprise, as the 2014 model was expected to be a minimal update.

However, it does show one interesting thing, or rather two: two camera lenses, that is. The 2013 version's Ultrapixel camera left many wanting more, and thus, it is possible that one of the two sensors is an improved Ultrapixel low-light camera while the other is a more general purpose lens.

The image shows that the camera sports a dual LED flash.

HTC has been fighting to regain prominance in the smartphone world in the wake of Samsung's global takeover of the market. The HTC was a well-received device, but it's unclear if a minimally changed version, with mostly internal updates a la the iPhone 5s, will be enough to sway buyers.

HTC is also rumored to have been selected to manufacture's long-rumored smartphone.

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