Friday, December 20, 2013

Secret Santa Bill Gates fulfills Redditor's every wish, except for an iPad

Asking Bill Gates for an iPad might be a tad awkward. That's what Reddit user NY1227 found out on Wednesday (via -- ironically -- Cult of Mac).

Typical of secret Santa exchanges, when NY1227 opted into Reddit's version, she had no idea who her Santa was. Her wishlist included -- aside from the aforementioned iPad -- "makeup, nail polish, glittery things.” The list would up in the hands of Bill Gates, who fulfilled it -- except naturally, for the iPad.

In addition to her list, Gates also sent her a personalized note, travel book, a stuffed animal, and a Heifer International donation certificate.

She wrote:
Still not realizing who was gifting me, I quickly opened the bulk and weight of the gift, which was an amazing and beautiful travel book, “Journeys of a lifetime.” I went on and on in my likes and dislikes for my love of travel and seeing the world, and I cannot WAIT to read this. Not only that, but I love pictures and reading up on new places. This gift was perfect! I quickly flipped through it, missing the inscription, message and signature from Bill on the first page, and headed to the final part of my gift.

Once again, To me, From Bill. I opened this and it’s a man holding a sign (above). Oh... .


holy sh*t.

time out.

and then it finally hit me. All the presents I just tore open, the charity, then everything– was from Bill GATES. I quickly went back to the book to see a really nice message and note from Bill wishing me a Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday (not pictured, because I really want to keep one part of this gift to myself) my jaw hit the EVER LOVING FLOOR. I went back to all the other gifts completely shocked. Then I paused for a minute and thought, what if this is someone screwing with me. Well of course Mr. Bill Gates already thought of this and took a picture of himself with my stuffed animal and a sign and then sent me the stuffed animal and sign.
No, Gates did not give her a Surface tablet instead of an iPad. [It's no secret that iDevices in general are not welcome in the Gate's household.]

Considering the issues with the device's recent Patch Tuesday update, it was probably a good thing.

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