Saturday, December 14, 2013

Kindle owners spend over 50 percent more annually at than non-Kindle owners doesn't care about making money on Kindles and Kindle Fire tablets, that has been made clear before. The first Kindle Fire, in fact, cost more to manufacture than sold it for. Instead, sues the devices as a gateway into their store and thus, on Thursday, AllThingsD had the numbers the giant Internet retailer really cares about.

Research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) surveyed 300 customers over the three months leading up to Nov. 15. The results are probably the kind of numbers that CEO and founder Jeff Bezos wants to hear. CIRP estimated that Kindle owners -- both e-readers and tablets -- spend $1,233 annually at compared to $790 per year for those customers who don’t own one of those devices.

CIRP’s Mike Levin said in a statement:
Another way to look at Kindle Fire and Kindle e-Reader is as a portal to Kindle Fire provides access to everything Amazon sells, while Kindle e-Reader has become the way that Amazon customers buy books, Amazon’s original product line.
Additionally, CIRP estimated that about 20.5 million Kindle devices, again both tablets and e-readers combined, are currently in use in the U.S., and that 40 percent of’s customers own one of the devices. Of course, hasn't released and won't release the exact numbers.

Given that, maybe the company should just give them away. That is possible, except that such a move might attract the type of consumer that won't buy as much, lowering the "gap" between Kindle customers and non-Kindle customers.

Another thing that should do is to somehow get Google services on the device. The Fire OS is heavily forked from Android, and has never provided access to the Play Store or other Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, etc. While those can be replaced by other apps, lack of the Play Store is a deal-killer for some, as those who have purchased apps on the Google Play store would have to double pay to buy them in the Amazon Appstore.

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