Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Katy Perry passes Justin Bieber to reach the top of Twitter

It was news when Justin Bieber overtook Lady Gaga to sit atop the heap in Twitter. Now, though, the "Baby" singer has been passed himself, as reported by the BBC on Monday.

Katy Perry is now the most followed celebrity on Twitter, with 46,641,648 (Perry) and 46,557,563 followers (Bieber) as of early Tuesday morning. Bieber took the Twitter crown away from Lady Gaga in January.

It's unclear if all of Bieber's followers -- or the followers of any celebrity, for that matter -- are actual people. A study done by the site SocialBakers said that 53 percent of the pop superstar's followers were faux.

At the time, Bieber had 37.3 million followers, but only 17.8 million were reportedly linked to real accounts. While Lady Gaga had her share of fake followers, too, the report said that she had 19 million actual followers, topping Bieber.

However, that's not the number that most people look at. They simply look at the follower number listed by Twitter, and including faux ones, in a user's account.

Will Bieber ever get the top spot back again? History says no. Shea Bennett of All Twitter said:
If history has taught us anything about number one placement on Twitter, it's that once you've been leap-frogged by another user you never get it back again.
Bieber might have another chance, though. It was also reported on Monday that he was part of an investment group that seeded money to new social networking service "Shots Of Me."

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