Thursday, October 31, 2013

NSA whisleblower Edward Snowden lands Russian website maintenance job

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden may only have temporary political asylum in Russia, but you still had to be wondering how he was going to make ends meet in the meantime. RIA Novosti, one of the largest Russian news agencies, reported on Thursday that Snowden, whose treasure trove of leaked NSA documents continues to be slowly made public, has found a website maintenance job in Russia.

Snowden will begin work on Nov. 1, his Russian lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena said. Kucherena refused to name Snowden’s new workplace “for security reasons.” According to Kucherena, however, the work involves the maintenance of one of Russia’s largest websites.

Russian technology news site speculated that Snowden may have joined, Russia’s equivalent of the social networking giant, Facebook. However, while not ruling out such a hire, VKontakte spokesman Georgy Lobushkin said he could not comment on the matter. It is true, though, that back in August, Lobushkin -- speaking at a corporate event -- said that he could see Snowden aiding VKontakte in maintaining the security of its online chat program.

Snowden, 30, faces espionage charges in the United States for revealing information about the NSA's surveillance and monitoring programs, which continue to be published in bits and pieces by the Washington Post and The Guardian. The whistleblower first fled to Hong Kong and then to Russia. Until he was given temporary asylum, he found himself isolated for more than a month, sans visa or travel documents, in the transit lounge at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport.

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