Thursday, October 24, 2013

Microsoft hides the RT roots of the Surface 2, Surface RT

Microsoft is "hiding" the RT roots of its Surface 2 and Surface RT tablets, based on a Wednesday report on The Verge.

First, we already knew that the Surface 2 -- which is Microsoft's second-generation Windows RT-based tablet -- would drop the RT moniker and be called the Surface 2 rather than the Surface RT 2. Now we have discovered that the original Surface RT tablet -- which Microsoft continues to sell -- will be called, simply, the Surface.

A Microsoft spokesperson said:
To stay consistent with the naming structure of our new offerings, Surface RT is now referred to as "Surface."
In addition, Microsoft has also removed the default Desktop tile from Windows RT 8.1's Start Screen.

This makes switching to traditional desktop mode less convenient, out of the box, in Windows RT 8.1.

The next logical step Microsoft might take would be a complete removal of the desktop mode in Windows RT. We'd expect that a more touch-friendly set of Office apps would need to be released before anything like that occurred.

Of course, the most horrific idea to come to mind is that Microsoft might remove the desktop mode in Windows 8.2 (or Windows 9), too.

Microsoft released its second-generation Surface tablets to retail on Tuesday.

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