Friday, October 18, 2013

Microsoft Canada celebrates upcoming Surface 2 launch, holds surprise deadmau5 event

It's an important time for Microsoft, with Windows 8.1 launching on Oct. 17, and the Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro tablets launching on Oct. 22. In celebration of that second event, Microsoft Canada invited deadmau5 to perform at Toronto's Kool Haus on Wednesday night (Microsoft press release via the Wall Street Journal).

The Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are currently available for pre-order, but shipping dates for those ordering now may disappoint: Some versions won't ship until way into the future, as far out as December.

The Surface 2 (which runs Windows RT) runs 449 for the 32GB version and $549 for the 64GB. The Surface Pro 2 (which runs full Windows 8) ranges in price from $899 to $1,799 and comes in 64GB to 512GB versions.

The deadmau5 concert was a surprise, and the artist tweeted about it later:
THANK YOU! @microsoftcanada for another epic show:) #Surfacehaslanded and thanks to everyone who came out! [...]

was a real treat to help launch the new Surface in Canada tonight with @microsoftcanada #surfacehaslanded with some new music n stuff!
Microsoft's second generation Surface tablets have been upgraded in many ways, including a redesigned kickstand, and upgraded processors and other hardware -- including, in the case of the Pro version, an Intel Haswell CPU that promises to give increased battery life.

This isn't the first Microsoft event for deadmau, as a quick Google search reveals. He's also performed for other companies, including Nokia.

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