Monday, October 14, 2013

LG Electronics' curved six-inch G Flex diametrically opposed to Samsung Galaxy Round

Shortly after Korean giant Samsung announced it was going to release the first curved screen smartphone, its in-country rival LG did so as well. Samsung has already released the Galaxy Round, as it is called, and on Sunday, a series of press-bound renders for LG's device, the LG G Flex, leaked to the Internet (via Engadget).

However, it has taken an approach to its curved device that is about 90 degrees opposed to that of Samsung. Instead of curving on the device's vertical axis, the G Flex curves on its horizontal axis.

As with the Galaxy Round, the G Flex won't really be flexible, despite what its name implies. Instead, it will simply be curved.

Samsung added some features to the OS that allow certain functionality when the Round is "rocked;" whether or not LG does the same remains to be seen.

Although Samsung, LG and other have been touting flexible displays, what they refer to and what the public refers to are different things. Most folks think of the glass a user sees when they look at their phone. Technically, though, when Samsung or LG are discussing flexible displays, they are speaking about the electronic material that sits underneath the glass, which is responsible for showing you the user interface for your phone.

LG said earlier that the G Flex would launch in November. Still unknown are the specifications, and the all-important pricing. Earlier rumors said that the device would have a 6-inch phablet-sized screen, and Engadget's source confirmed that, as well.

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