Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Instagram adds photo and video embedding functionality for public content

Get ready to embed both Instagram photos and videos. Instagram announced on Wednesday that it is adding a new embedding feature.

Similar to how other images and videos can be embedded (e.g., YouTube videos), users can now embed videos and imagers anywhere that HTML is supported. Those whose content is marked private need not fear: The new functionality is only available for those whose images and videos are public.

When you visit an Instagram photo or video page with your desktop browser, you’ll see a new "Share" button on the right side the content, just under the comments button. Click the button and you will see the embed code.

You can then copy the block of embed code and paste it into a blog, website or article. As with an embedded YouTube video, once you hit publish, the photo or video will be viewable.

Each embedded photo or video appears with the originator's Instagram username, and clicking on the Instagram logo will take people to where they can discover more of a photographer's videos and photos.

Apparently, this sort of embedding became the most-requested feature end users desired since the launch of Video for Instagram. Also, Instagram disabled Twitter card integration in December of last year (go figure, since that's Twitter, and Instagram belongs to Facebook), and once it did so, there was no easy way to embed an Instagram photo on the internet. Prior to that, any Instagram photo shared via Twitter could be embedded using the standard Twitter embed feature.

Instagram said its new embedded feature will be available to all users starting on Wednesday.

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