Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Could the 'gotcha feature' of the iPhone 5S be a slow-motion camera?

The "new iPhone rumor patrol" is in full swing. Even if the phone itself doesn't change much (iPhone 3G->3GS, iPhone 4->4S), Apple generally adds some compelling new feature to its new iPhone release. What then, of the expected iPhone 5S? The latest rumor, from Tuesday, is slowly coming to light -- slow-motion video, that is.

Based on hidden references in the latest iOS 7 beta, the report says that Apple is designing a new iPhone camera feature called "Mogul" mode. To be honest, Apple has consistently primped and embellished its camera functionality, and various iPhones hold the top three camera spots on Flickr.

“Mogul” appears to be a feature that allows the iPhone to capture video at an exceptionally fast, up to a rate of 120 frames-per-second (FPS) according to the testing done by 9to5Mac. The analysis could not determine the precise resolution at which 120FPS video could be recorded at, though.

Video recorded at 120FPS is played back in a slow-motion state. While perhaps seen as an arcane feature, it would be something Apple needs as a checkbox against its biggest rival. The Samsung Galaxy S4, already includes a similar slow-motion feature that records footage at 120FPS.

Of course, just because a feature is spotted in an iOS beta doesn't mean it will make it to production. Last year, a feature was spotted in an iOS 6 beta that would automatically switch a device back to cellular if wi-fi connectivity became iffy. That feature never made it to the final product, though.

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