Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Best Buy revives $200 trade-in promotion for iPad 2 or 3

When retailers begin discounting iDevices or offering promotions, the words "Does this mean the next iPad (or iPhone) is around the corner?" come to mind. Best Buy announced on Tuesday that it was reviving a recent promotion that offers a minimum of a $200 credit for the trade-in of an iPad 2 or 3.

However, that credit can only be used toward the purchase of a new iPad 4. Still, that credit could reduce the cost of the lowest-priced iPad 4 (16GB, wi-fi only) from $499 to $299.

In addition, that $200 offer is the minimum a customer would receive. Depending on the model and condition of their iPad 2 or 3, a customer could receive an even higher trade-in. The promotion runs from Tuesday, July 23 through Aug. 3 and is available at all U.S. Best Buy stores and Best Buy Mobile stores that offer trade-ins.

Best Buy ran the same program earlier this month, though only for two days. The promotion did quite well, which -- in addition to possible inventory reduction -- could be seen as the reason behind its revival.

A Best Buy rep said the following in a statement:
Based on the success and customer excitement we saw around our two-day iPad Trade-In offer July 12 and 13, Best Buy is repeating the offer starting today for two weeks.
Inventory reduction or not, Best Buy said that its biggest day for its trade-in program occurred during a recent promotion that gave customers a "free" iPhone 5 when they traded in a working iPhone 4 or 4S, so these sorts of trade-ins -- which admittedly, also work well for retailers, as they give them units they can refurb and sell for a profit -- seem to be working well.

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