Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Let the six-second looping Android videos begin: Vine for Android released

Twitter released Vine for Android on Monday. Let the six-second Android videos begin.

Although the videos that can be created with Vine are very short, it has already become a very popular iOS app, with Twitter reporting that Vine already has more than 13 million users. Much like the photo sharing app Instagram, Android owners had to wait, but at last, a version for their devices is here.

The two versions -- iOS vs. Android, that is -- are not in sync, feature wise, though. As Twitter admitted in a blog post:
Though we’ve been very focused on releasing Vine for Android, we’ve continued to release updates and add new features to the iOS app. As a result, the two apps are not perfectly in sync ...
Fortunately, for Android users, the company added:
that won’t be the case for long. Over the coming weeks, you’ll see frequent updates with new features –– including front-facing camera, search, mentions and hashtags, and the ability to share to Facebook –– as well as bug fixes and performance improvements. Of course, this is only the beginning –– we have exciting plans for features that could exist only on Android.
That last sentence gives Android users the love they deserve: As has been known for some time, iOS is more closed than Android, and there are some things that can't be done on the platform. Think examples such as Tasker and home screen replacements.

For those who haven't tried Vine yet, here's how Twitter describes it:
Vine: a mobile service that lets you capture and share short looping videos. Like Tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine (6 seconds or less) inspires creativity. Now that you can easily capture motion and sound, we look forward to seeing what you create.
Meanwhile, Wikipedia adds:
The Vine app allows users to create a short video clip up to six seconds long while recording through Vine's in app camera. The camera only records while the screen is being pressed, thus giving gif-like effects with the addition of an audio file.
For now, a search in the Play Store doesn't bring up Vine as the top result. So, to access and install it, go to this link.

A video introduction / demo of Vine can be seen below.

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