Saturday, June 08, 2013

Apple signs iRadio pact with Sony Music, enabling a WWDC 2013 intro

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Just days before WWDC 2013, Apple has pulled another last-minute deal out of its hat. The company has managed to ink a deal with Sony Music, meaning that all three of the major record labels have signed on to its upcoming iRadio service, according to a report issued on Friday. This gives Apple the ability to launch the service on Monday, June 10, during its WWDC keynote.

Reportedly, though, Apple has not yet signed a deal with Sony/ATV, the company's music publishing unit. Negotiations are continuing, however, and the lack of a deal is not expected to derail Apple's iRadio launch.

The rumored service, which has been dubbed iRadio by the media, is expected to be similar to Pandora. It will come with more on-demand features than that popular service, but will still be seen as a direct rival.

Although Apple is expected to discuss iRadio -- now that it has signed the last of the Big Three music labels -- it's unclear if it will launch the service. It is, however, expected to discuss the upcoming service with developers.

It's also unclear, of course, whether or not the service will be called iRadio at all, although it's a catchy name.

iRadio is a catchier name, in fact, than Google's recently launched Spotify clone. Google beat Apple to the punch with its Google Play Music All Access service, launched last month. In addition to a cool name, Apple has something else going for iRadio -- the weight of its dominant iTunes service.

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