Monday, March 04, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV revealed in 'Pulp Fiction'-ish way

As it has done in the past, Samsung has begun teasing a new product. In this case, on Monday, the Korean giant released a Galaxy S IV teaser video, and as is typical for the company, it was frustratingly vague.

We expect, also as is typical for the company, that the video is just the first in a series of teasers.

The video features "Mr. Maxwell," or Jeremy, who is a young boy who apparently "the secret messenger" of Samsung Unpacked 2013. He has been entrusted with the most important role in Samsung Unpacked 2013. That role is carrying the box which holds the Galaxy S IV.

For those hoping to at least see the damn thing, forget it. All we know is that the phone is smaller than a one-cubic-foot box. Aside from that, Jeremy gets a slight peek, but all we get to see is that when the box is opened, it lights up Jeremy's face, "Pulp Fiction"-style.

The new Galaxy S phone is less than two week away, intro-wise. Samsung is set to unveil its new phone at an event in New York City on March 14.

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