Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Teen arrested after advertising bank robbery on YouTube

Some crimes end up on YouTube because of a witness. Others, however, end up there because of the criminal. It's that latter category that is mystifying: why advertise your own crime.

As reported on Tuesday, Hannah Sabata followed up her robbery of the Cornerstone Bank in Waco, Neb. with a post to YouTube (embedded), one which showed her face in full view. The nearly eight-minute-long video was described as follows, in its blurb:
I just stole a car and robbed a bank. Now I'm rich, I can pay off my college financial aid and tomorrow i'm going for a shopping spree. Bite me. I love GREENDAY!
Authorities bit her. They used the video to track her down and arrested the 19-year-old in connection with the $6,000 robbery, which took place on Nov. 28.

Despite the arrest, Sabata was upbeat. As she was taken away, she said, "It was the best day of my life!"

Sabata wore the same outfit in the video that she did during the robbery, according to authorities. Telling her tale with a set of hand-written cards, she flashed a handful of cash along with a card that read, "I told my mom today was the best day of my life ... she just thinks I met a new boy."

In addition to bragging about her robbery, in her video, Sabata also claimed that she had stolen a "shiny new" Pontiac Grand Am, adding that she committed the armed robbery "with a gun, a pillow case, and a note."

She also admitted a bunch of other illegal activity (authorities have confirmed they used the video as evidence).. For one she says has just finished smoking marijuana and intends on purchasing more weed with her bank money.

She rambled a bit, too, saying that "the system is a game," and that the government "stole my baby... and they took him away before I could even take him home ... and they charged me with child neglect ... I may not be a mother anymore but I can still find purpose."

Speaking of notes, Sabata's note note to the bank teller said, "You are being robbed! NO ALARMS OR LOCKS OR PHONES or INK BAGS! I have a loaded gun. You have 2 minutes."

If she spent any it wasn't much. Except for a mere $30, the entire $6,000 was recovered. Sabata's next court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 26.

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