Friday, December 28, 2012

Swiss researchers aim to birth Robot Boy (or 'Roboy') after nine month gestation period

Robot Boy, or "Roboy," is an advanced humanoid automaton (in other words, a robot) that Swiss researchers are aiming to birth in nine months. The robotic pregnancy was reported on Wednesday.

In addition to the nine month timeframe in which Roboy is to be created, another interesting aspect of Roboy is that is is tendon-driven. That means that, similar to Japan's Kenshiro, Roboy uses on artificial muscles to move. Researchers plan to cover it with a soft skin in the future, enhancing its humanity still further.

The University of Zurich team is already five months into the nine-month gestation period; they plan on unveiling Roboy in March of 2013, when it will be shown off at the Robots on Tour event in Zurich.
Meanwhile, the lab is seeking donations to fund the work, including branding opportunities. That's correct, if you have a mere $55,000 lying around (50,000 Swiss francs), you can get your logo on Roboy.

For now, though, the researchers have posted a promotional video (embedded). It even begins with a Goethe (1772) quote: "Here I sit, forming humans in my image!"

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, for those not aware, wrote the above in the poem "Prometheus."

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