Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Obama 'victory tweet' takes 'most retweeted' crown away from Justin Bieber

U.S. President Barack Obama's effect on social media has been well-documented, and on Wednesday night he "did it again." Upon learning the election had been called in his favor, Obama posted a tweet with a simple message: "Four more years."

The tweet included a picture of Obama hugging his wife Michelle. Conservative pundits will likely want proof it is Michelle, since you can't see her face.

In the first 30 minutes after the tweet was posted, it became the most retweeted post of all time. By the time a half-hour had passed, the tweet had been retweeted 298,318 times.

By the time mid-morning (PST) was reached on Wednesday, the morning after the election, that number had reached 681,582.

A second "victory tweet" reached 167,939 retweets in just under 40 minutes. By mid-morning on Wednesday (PST) it had reached 240,876 retweets.

Thus, U.S. President Barack Obama not only achieved re-election, he also surpassed the prior record holder, twice. Justin Bieber held the prior record, at 223,424 retweets (as of mid-morning PST on Wednesday morning).

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