Friday, November 09, 2012

Best Buy's full 2012 Black Friday ad reaches the Internet

The Best Buy Preview ad was released a few days ago. Now, we've got the real deal. The full Best Buy Black Friday ad has leaked onto to the web.

These multiple leaks has to have consumers wondering how they survived Black Friday without the Internet. However, it's true that Black Friday has increased in importance of late, so perhaps that's the answer: the Internet has made Black Friday more relevant, and these leaks are part of the reason.

Best Buy will open its doors at 12:00 a.m. local time on Black Friday. "Reservation" tickets will be handed out two hours before the midnight opening.

The ad includes plenty of HDTVs, plenty of tablets, smartphones, laptops, digital cameras, video cameras, major appliances (think washers, dryers and refrigerators), Blu-ray players and many DVDs at low, low prices.
  • Toshiba 50 inch LED HDTV: $399
  • Toshiba 40 inch LCD HDTV: $179
  • Blu-ray players: $39
  • Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone: $49.99 with contract
  • Playstation 3 bundle: $199 ($100 savings)
  • Lenovo 15-inch, 2GB RAM laptop: $187
We admit, though, the scans are a bit wonky, as some pages are repeated multiple times in the leak. That said, with so many pages in the full ad, we've eschewed the use of images, and instead uploaded the ad to Scribd. The full ad can be found here, in a much larger size that can be provided on-site.

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