Friday, September 28, 2012

The iOS 6 Maps fiasco is highlighted by Apple's own app icon

Apple's iOS Maps fiasco has been highlighted by an Internet meme, but the way it was rushed out can be seen in Apple's iOS 6 platform, without even running the app.

A close look at the iOS 6 icon for the Maps app shows that Apple didn't even take the time to make sure the icon for the app was correct before shipping iOS 6. Looking at the icon above, it's clear that what the icon is telling an end user to do is to take a left-turn off of the De Anza Boulevard overpass and onto Interstate 280. The miscue was first noticed by Nik Cubrilovic on Wednesday night.

Apple opted for an in-house Maps app, replacing Google Maps, despite having more than a year of Google Maps licensing left. Since the release of iOS 6, which came just two days before the iPhone 5's launch on

Not only has Apple's new Maps app birthed a meme, it has been called dangerous by the Irish Minister of Justice, after noticing that it labeled Airfield Garden, a working farm in a residential area, as an airport.

It's earned much criticism, but fortunately for iOS 6 users, they can still use Google Maps via a Web app.

For those awaiting it, the latest Adolph Hitler "Downfall" video has been created, spotlighting iOS 6 Maps, and is embedded.

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