Thursday, September 13, 2012

The amazing iPhone 5 which wasn't really an iPhone 5

Apple introduced the iPhone 5 on Wednesday. Many, including us, have commented on the new device's similarity to the iPhone 4S.

Realistically, if it weren't for the stretched 4-inch screen, it would look nearly identical to the iPhone 4S. Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel took advantage of that, as he took an iPhone 5 onto the streets of Los Angeles after its debut to show it off.

As Apple fanboys seem to think, every new iPhone is wonderful, far better than anything else on the market, and easily surpassing the current model. Most of those "surveyed" believed so.

Some quotes:

"Oh, it's way better. Yah, it's nice. That's definitely noticeably better." {Kimmel rep: So you do like it better than the last one?] "Yah, I have the 4S. I'm always open for a new phone."

"It's a little thinner. Looks like the screen's a little bigger."

"It seems a little bit faster."

"Yah. Faster, lighter."

"A lot lighter than the last one. It's a lot faster, as well. Screen is clearer, HD."

"Mine's gonna take forever. [Kimmel rep: So this one's faster?] Yah, definitely faster. Right on."

"Oh, it looks very nice. Very nice, very updated."

"Oh, my God, it feels a lot lighter. And just more ... just a lot higher quality. And it's got ... if you drop it, it looks like it's not going to break, like this one has a million times."

"Oh, it has a video front and back? Video front and back? That's cool. The S doesn't have that [oh, yes, it does].

Strangely, one man who seemed to be Hulk Hogan's twin brother said it was heavier than the 4S. He also thought the colors were brighter.

It was all wonderful.  Apple's iPhone 5 surpasses the iPhone 4S.  The only problem is that it wasn't an iPhone 5 that Kimmel's staff was showing off. It was an iPhone 4S.

What does this go to show us? As Kimmel said, "The Emperor has no clothes." Indeed, but it also shows us that folks don't know as much about their own possessions as they think they do.

They also want things just because they want them. They are fooled by "marketing puffery" into thinking something is better than something else, when it isn't necessarily the case.

Finally, if they love a certain brand, they have to have the latest and greatest, even if they do not really need it.

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