Monday, September 03, 2012

iPhone rumor round-up: from first launch date rumor through now

We've got about 10 more days until the iPhone 5 is unveiled, assuming that the rumor holds true. That said, there are so many rumors floating around, some of them contradictory, that it's hard to keep them straight. Viola, here's a roundup of the latest rumors, through the Labor Day weekend (not including Labor Day, of course).

New earphones?: One of the latest rumors, coming from Vietnamese tech news site,, is that the iPhone 5 will sport newly redesigned earphones. Naturally, you'd expect these to be propagated across Apple's device line.

iPhone 5 showed side-by-side with iPhone 4S: the French website showed off images shots of what appear to be a fully-assembled iPhone 5, side-by-side with an iPhone 4S, clearly showing the elongated nature of the new 4-inch screen.

The site also had images of the devices from a side view, showing off the iPhone 5's slight thickness advantage over the 4S.

One persistent rumor is that the iPhone 5 will sport 4G LTE. In an investment note on Friday, Jefferies & Co. said the obvious: if true, Verizon may get the lion's share of activations. That's because Verizon's LTE network reaches far more people in many more markets than AT&T's LTE service. Of course, one thing that could hold this back is the penalties involved with switching networks, including losing your unlimited AT&T data plan.

A video simulation aimed to show us how the new elongated screen would work, but it's still just speculation.

Production of iPhone 5 screens at Sharp has been delayed. The iPhone 5 is rumored to be using in-cell touch panels, a new technology, which enables the screen to be thinner. While Sharp is having issues, LG and Japan Display continue to pump out screens, but a shortage might be seen when the iPhone 5 launches.

Since iOS 6 will support NFC, a must for mobile wallet services, you'd expect an iPhone 5 to have native NFC support. First we saw a rumor saying yes, but then AnandTech chimed in with a "no" that was based on technology, which made more sense.

T-Mobile seems ready for yet another year without the iPhone.

Sorry, iPad mini. You won't be able to ride the iPhone 5's coattails. The iPhone 5 won't share the stage with the iPad mini, which will get its own October launch event and retail launch.

A Verizon vacation blackout virtually guarantees a Sept. 21 retail launch for the new iPhone.

Korean carriers negotiate with Apple over LTE support. As you may recall, only LTE carriers in the U.S. and Canada were supported by the "new iPad." It's unclear how Apple will handle the iPhone 5's LTE support. The frequency differences between carriers make support more challenging.

AT&T all-hands-on-deck policy points to a big event in mid-September.

iPhone 5 pre-orders to begin on Sept. 12, the same day as the launch event.

An industrial designer believes that the iPhone 5 will be the first unibody iPhone.

New iDevice dock connector images leak.

The iPhone 5 may sport the even smaller nano-SIM that Apple has been pushing.

iPhone 5 battery seen to have only a slight 10mAh bump in capacity.

iOS 6 beta seems to confirm iPhone 5 resolution of 1,344 x 640.

Way back at the end of July, the date of the iPhone 5 launch event and retail launch leak, Sept. 12 and Sept. 21, respectively.

That's far enough back in time, we think. In addition, it's almost certain that the iPhone 5 will have a faster processor, but whether it is dual- or quad-core remains to be seen. It's also expected that the FaceTime camera will be centered and that the headset jack will be moved to the bottom of the device.

Now, Sept. 12 doesn't seem that far away, does it?

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