Saturday, September 29, 2012

Astro Boy, Kimba, other classic Osamu Tezuka anime now on official YouTube channel

Fans of the anime of Osamu Tezuka, rise and shine. A new YouTube channel featuring his works was unveiled on Thursday.

If you haven't heard of Osamu Tezuka, perhaps you have heard of one or more of his creations. For example, there is Astro Boy. Indeed, Astro Boy has been remade in more recent film versions, these are are classic versions that have subtitles thanks to collaborative subtitling hub Viki.

The channel currently hosts 16 full-length episodes of the Astro Boy series from the 1980s, with subtitles in English, Arabic, Romanian, Turkish, Spanish, French, and transcribed Japanese. Viki will update the videos as necessary when new translations are available. The channel’s videos are available for viewing everywhere except Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Italy and Spain.

Other Osamu Tezuka creations available for viewing on the channel are The New Adventures of Kimba the White Lion (sadly, not the original TV series), Jungle Emperor Leo, Black Jack, Dear Brother, Don Dracula, and Marvelous Melmo.

Osamu Tezuka was born on Nov. 3, 1928 and died on Feb. 9, 1989. He is often credited as the "Godfather of anime."

You can see a slideshow of Tezuka and his creations here. An Astro Boy episode is embedded.

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