Saturday, August 11, 2012

Images of new iDevice dock connector leak to the Internet

The "largest" rumors around the iPhone 5 involve the screen size and dock connector (for those unused to subtlety, the quotes are because the screen is getting larger and the dock connector smaller). The latest dock connector leak purports to show the new connector itself.

French site shared photos [Google translation] on Friday, images that it says show the dock connector for the cable which will be used with the iPhone 5.

The site positioned the connector portion of the cable next to the USB portion of the cable, in order to give readers an idea of the relative size of the new dock connector.

While admitted that it can't confirm the validity of the images, the pictures do seem to confirm features that have been rumored about the new, smaller connector. It's widely believed that Apple is shifting away from its currently used 30-pin connector to save space, which it will then use for other purposes.

Apple could have opted to use a microUSB port, but as is typical with the Cupertino, Calif.-based company, it decided to go its own way.

The metal insertion piece of the connector shown appears to have eight gold pins. However, we've been told that the metal frame would "count" as a grounding pin, meaning the connector is really a nine-pin connector.

This could explain the recent "arguments" over whether or not the new connector has eight or nine pins. An earlier report from TechCrunch said that it had confirmed that the connector would have 19-pins, though.

Thus, as is usual with anything Apple, we don't know for sure. This photographic evidence seems pretty strong, though.

Either way, Apple will supply an adapter for current cables, most say.  Additionally, the new connector will replace the 30-pin connector on all devices, going forward.

It is widely believed that Apple will introduce the iPhone 5 on Sept. 12, releasing it to retail on Sept. 21.  Most expect that Apple will also introduce a smaller-sized iPad mini, a new iPod nano, a new iPod touch, and perhaps a new iPad which will sport the new dock connector.

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