Thursday, August 09, 2012

Facebook's zombiepocalypse comes courtesy of new 'Walking Dead' video game

"The Walking Dead," which has become the best thing to happen to AMC since it decided to de-emphasize movies and call itself AMC, instead of American Movie Classics, is about to become a video game. Yes, we know there is already a video game based on the zombie-filled TV series, but this one is a Facebook game.

That's right, you can now get your fill of killing zombies and trying to survive without leaving your social networking site of choice. The new game is called "AMC The Walking Dead Social Game," and it launched on Thursday.

The game was originally announced in March and is just a tiny bit late. It had been scheduled for an April launch. Still, this is probably a better time to release the game; season two of "The Walking Dead" ended some time ago, and fans of the series might be in serious withdrawal about now.

The app is described as follows:

"Interact with characters from the show, complete missions, and recruit Facebook friends to defend your camp against Walkers."

To be clear, the game is advertised as being in beta, just as much software is these days, despite being released to the general public. [There was a time when software wasn't released until it was done - completely done.]

Once you enter the game world, you are presented with a character that you customize in terms of gender, looks, shirt, pants - or you can select "randomize."

You then find yourself in a mission with Shane (waitasec, he's not only dead, he became a walker!). Here, you learn the basics of head-bashing, er, gameplay.

The game is free - sort of. If you run out of stamina, you will have to refuel with energy. Oh, guess what? That's right, you may have to buy "Dead Dollars" to do that. When we say buy, we mean buy, too, with real money.

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Unlike the Telltale Games video game, which is based on the comic book series, this one, developed by Eyes Wide Games, focuses on the TV series.

Rick, Lori, and the rest return to AMC for season three on Oct. 14. A season three trailer was released earlier, at Comic-Con.

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