Friday, July 27, 2012

U.K. order for Apple to publicize that Samsung didn't copy iPad stayed until appeal

While the evidence that seems to be leaking out about Apple's case about Samsung in U.S. District Court seems damning, in the U.K., Apple lost a similar "product copying" case.  The company had been ordered to publish a statement on its U.K. website and in several British newspapers and magazines admitting that fact, which obviously be embarrassing for the Cupertino, Calif-based giant.

However, Apple can breath easier - for now - as the requirement to publish that embarrassing admission will be stayed until Apple's appeal against the ruling is heard in October.

Judge Colin Birss had issued the earlier order about a week ago. The notice that Apple was to publish would outline the July 9 London court decision that stated that Samsung Galaxy Tabs don’t infringe Apple’s iPad designs.

Birss had ordered that the notices be posted on Apple's U.K. website for six months, as well as published in several newspapers and magazines. The effect of these publications would be to correct the impression the Samsung had copied the iPad.

Since the ruling, Apple has maintained that such a notice would essentially provide Samsung free advertising at Apple's expense (which, admittedly, it might, but realistically, does anyone believe someone on Apple's site is really interested in an Android tablet?).

In fact, following the initial ruling, Apple's lawyer Richard Hacon had said the obvious: "No company likes to refer to a rival on its website" (at least not in a favorable way, we might assume).

With the stay in place, the focus in the Apple - Samsung war shifts back to the courtroom of U.S. District Court Lucy Koh, where a tumultuous courtroom battle will begin on July 30.

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