Friday, July 13, 2012

Tap for ice cream, don't scream for it: app summons ice cream trucks

Lucky you: Uber has a delicious PR stunt set for today, Friday the 13th, 2012.

The company, which usually provides on-demand towncar service as well as on-demand taxi service (in certain cities), is offering on-demand ice cream truck service. Indeed, you read that correctly: for today only, if you have the Uber app installed on your iPhone or Android device - and you live in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Washington, D.C., or Boston, you'll be able to call for an ice cream truck.

Users can request an ice cream truck by "selecting the 'ice cream cone icon' in your Uber app." Just as when you order other Uber vehicles, the app will give you an ETA and you will be able to communicate with the driver until he arrives at your door.

When the ice cream truck arrives. though, he'll want you to spend more than just one ice cream cone's worth of money. The truck will deliver five ice creams, although you can easily order more.

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Uber will bill the credit card they have on file for you. Each $12 "bundle" also scores you some "sweet Uber swag," the company added. The bundle will differ from city to city.

It sounds like something your kid wishes he could do, summon an ice cream truck on demand. Be aware, though, it's only available today, at least for now. Uber said that the company and the ice cream truck firms it has teamed up with will examine the data to determine how often they want to offer on-demand ice cream in each city.

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