Tuesday, May 01, 2012

comScore, IDC Q1 2012 reports confirm Android, Samsung continued dominance

Those who love Android, and who may have been concerned over recent reports that iOS may be not just gaining on Android, but ready to pass it in market share, can calm down. New reports issued by two different market research firms confirm indicate that Android is in no way ready to give up its global or even U.S.-based lead.

These new reports seem to confirm another, earlier report by Strategy Analytics which said that Samsung had overtaken Nokia for global market share among handsets overall, not just smartphones.

IDC, for one, agreed with SA, saying that Samsung now owns the title as top mobile phone maker in the world. Nokia had been the global market leader in total mobile phone shipments since the inception of IDC's Mobile Phone Tracker in 2004.

For mobile phones overall, in Q1 2012 Samsung shipped 93.8 million handsets for a 23.5 percent market share, while Nokia shipped 82.7 million handsets for a 20.8 percent market share. Apple shipped 35.1 iPhones for an 8.8 percent market share. In Q1 2011, the three companies shipped 69.3 million (17.1 percent market share), 108.5 million (26.8 percent) and 18.6 million (4.6 percent) handsets, respectively.

IDC's report also said that Samsung again holds the title of top global smartphone vendor, against wresting the title away from rival Apple. In doing so, Samsung set a new market record for the number of smartphones shipped in a single quarter.

In terms of smartphones, Samsung shipped 42.2 million handsets, for a 29.1 percent market share, while Apple shipped 35.1 iPhones for a 24.2 percent market share, and Nokia shipped 11.9 million handsets for a 8.2 percent market share.

That was a complete reversal of Q1 2011 results, when instead of 1-2-3, Samsung, Apple, and Nokia were ranked 3-2-1, with 11.5 million (11.3 percent), 18.6 million (18.3 percent), and 24.2 million (23.8 percent) handsets shipped, respectively.

In addition to the IDC report, comScore released the results of its regular poll of 30,000 U.S. consumers, which it uses to gauge the state of the mobile market.

In terms of mobile phones overall, Samsung had a 26 percent market share for Q1 2012. LG came in second at 19.3 percent. Apple was third, with 14 percent. Remember, this is for all handsets, not just smartphones.

Looking at smartphone platforms, Android ranked as the top smartphone platform with 51 percent market share (up 3.7 percent). Apple share of the smartphone market share is 30.7 percent (up 1.1 percent). RIM ranked third with 12.3 percent share (down 3.7 percent), followed by Microsoft (3.9 percent, down 0.8 percent) and Symbian (1.4 percent, unchanged).

Smartphones continue to be more the norm than the exception: comScore found that there are now 106 million smartphones in use in the U.S. That is a rise of nine percent over Q4 2011. In addition, app use has reached the tipping point: 50 percent of consumers have now downloaded and used mobile apps.

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