Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chrome tops IE as most popular browser globally: StatCounter

Chrome has just overtaken Microsoft's Internet Explorer as the world's most popular Web browser, at least by one method of measurement. According to newly surfaced data from Statcounter, the changing of the guard has just happened.

The graph, visible above, shows the two lines cross as Chrome's market share overtakes IE's. That figure is global, however, as in the U.S. alone IE continues to have a huge lead, at least by Statcounter's measurement. Chrome has, though, overtaken Firefox, and did so some time ago.

To be clear, StatCounter is a web analytics service. Their tracking code is installed on more than 3 million sites globally, but that also means that visits to any sites that do not have StatCounter code installed aren't counted.

Chrome has edged out IE before in StatCounter's data, but for short periods. Last week is the first time that Chrome was the No. 1 browser globally for a sustained period of an entire week.

Last week, exactly 31.88 percent of global Web traffic went through Chrome, while IE held onto a close second at 31.47 percent.

Remember though, that StatCounter's data is based on page view data. Other market analytics data can - and often does - differ greatly.

For example, Net Applications' data is based on unique visitors, and shows a much different picture. There, IE has a commanding 54.1 percent to 20.2 percent lead. And that second place browser isn't even Chrome; it's Firefox.

Meanwhile, Net Applications' data shows Chrome coming in third, at 18.9 percent.

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