Sunday, April 15, 2012

Viral video shows how not to watch jet airliners take off

Those who watched the first episode of the series "Lost" will recall that one passenger was sucked into a still rotating jet engine in a non-enviable end. That's what happens if you're too close to the end of the turbine that's sucking in air, but what about if you're close the the exhaust, instead? That's something that's not all that unusual at St. Maarten's Princess Juliana International Airport. -Specializing in Cheap Flights
The Princess Juliana airport is right up against the beach, as can be seen below in the video. Although there are signs that warn about getting too close to the chain link fence dividing the beach from the runway, many tourists ignore those, and get a faceful of what's said to be a 100 MPH blast of exhaust from nearby jets.

However, security at the Airport is about to be ramped up. The reason: a new YouTube video showing a hapless (clueless?) tourist who loses her grip on the aforementioned chain link fence during a JetBlue airliner takeoff.

After losing her grip, the woman is propelled in the direction of the beach and slammed headfirst into a nearby concrete barrier (the image shown above is just before the collision) during a JetBlue takeoff has gone viral.

Airport officials tend to notice these sorts of things, especially when the video clip in question generates more than 5.5 million views, as this one has since it was posted last week.

With that, the airport released the following statement just a couple of days ago:

"We acknowledge the obvious attraction by visitors of planes landing so close to the beach, which has added to making the destination quite popular. Nevertheless, no amount of excitement or thrill can justify putting one's life in danger. Measures currently in place include double fencing, warning signs, and brightly-painted guardrails. Incidents such as this unfortunate one [shown in the video] emphasize the need for all our visitors to heed the clear warnings, (and) the airport is considering heightened security in that area."

It's unclear if the tourist was seriously hurt or not. However, the Princess Juliana International Airport should probably talk to nearby businesses about egging tourists on.

One good ixample is the adjacent Sunset Bar & Grill. It broadcasts air traffic control conversations instead of music, and asks potential customers, "Where else can you enjoy an ice cold beer as a huge KLM Jumbo Jet soars right over your head?"

Watch the video below.

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