Wednesday, April 11, 2012

'Textspresso' machine custom makes espresso from SMS instructions

A startup has created a robotic espresso machine that can create custom coffee orders submitted via text message. The machine has been dubbed "Textspresso."

The company, ZipWhip, doesn't plan to sell the machine, but instead created it for its own employees, after the company’s CEO, John Lauer, noticed how often employees visited their local Starbucks. Obviously something that could be utilized in-house will be both more convenient for employees as well as keep them in the building, something startups encourage.

You didn't the reason that startups offer free coffee, free food, free soda had anything to do with being nice to their employees, did you? No, it is all about keeping them a) caffeinated, b) satiated, and c) chained to their desks.

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There is some connection between ZipWhip's business and Textspresso. The company's product is called "Cloud Texting," and is a cloud-based text messaging service that allows users to send and receive text messages via their desktop and phone simultaneously.

Although the company is not planning to sell Textspresso, Lauer told KOMO News that Zipwhip will release their designs for the robot on the Internet soon, for free.

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