Thursday, April 05, 2012

'new iPad' wi-fi issues prompt Apple investigation

Apple is actively investigating wi-fi issues on its new iPad models. The issues only affect wi-fi only tablets, and include dropped connections, poor overall connectivity, slow wi-fi, and an inability to see nearby wi-fi networks.

It's actually not the first version of the iPad to see wi-fi issues. Back in 2011, reports came in regarding similar issues with the iPad 2 and iOS 4.3.

In fact, the workarounds given for the issues are the same as back then. You can tell iOS to "forget" the network, then re-add it. Or you can go into Setting and "Reset Network Settings, then reboot.

The investigation has not been made public, but rather came to light due to a leaked internal AppleCare document.

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The document instructs retailers and "contact centers" to "capture" any third-generation iPads that exhibit wi-fi issues. "Capture" means Apple wants the location to obtain the unit and any accessories and ship it to an Apple engineering center for study.

The issues have received a decent amount of coverage, as they usually do, at Apple's support forums.

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