Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Teen falls through sinkhole in semi-distracted walking incident

Distracted walking as a result of texting or general cell phone use has caused pratfalls and even deaths, but in this case, the pratfall was only half the fault of the cell phone user.

A teenage girl in China was talking on her cell phone and fell into a sinkhole. The incident was caught on surveillance video in the central China city of Xian. As she reaches the far right side of the video, she can be seen breaking through the surface and falling into the sinkhole.

Also seen in the video, though, is a cab passing by. The cab driver, Wang Wei, apparently saw her fall through the sinkhole, and rushed to help her.

"I called out to her but she didn't respond. After I shook her a little, she came to," he said. He climbed down to her using a cable under the pavement. "The dirt kept showering down on us and the kid couldn't stop crying."

Underground water had eroded the ground under the road and caused a sinkhole, which caved in under the teen's weight.

Eventually, both of them were pulled to safety by firefighters.

The girl's family used the surveillance video to track down the cab driver and thanked him for stopping to help.

While not really the Chinese teenager's fault, it's sort of reminiscent of Cathy Cruise, the woman who became infamous for falling into a mall fountain while texting. Cruise said that the worst part of the fall was her embarrassment, which went global as the video went viral. She said, "The humiliation. You don't know how many people are laughing at you."


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