Thursday, March 08, 2012

Pre-orders for Apple's 'New iPad' begin to sell out

Apple announced the "new iPad" (which we still are annoyed about it being named, as it will undoubtedly lead to confusion) on Wednesday, and it immediately went up for pre-order. It's only about 25 hours since the "new iPad" went up for pre-sale at the time of this writing, and some models are already sold out on the U.S. Apple Store.

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A look at the Apple Store at 12:58 p.m. shows that the 16GB white AT&T model and 64GB (both black and white) AT&T models appear to be the most popular. Those are already showing a slightly later delivery date, March 19, vs. the March 16 date that is the first day of retail availability.

In a sense, it makes sense. The AT&T models would be the fastest models in areas with no LTE service. However, in terms of LTE coverage, Verizon has a lot more of the U.S. covered than AT&T does, as Big Red has had its LTE service in effect for more than a year, and AT&T only started its rollout in the second half of 2012.

Despite that fact, AT&T branded "new iPads" are obviously outselling Verizon versions.

Just as with the 2011 iPad 2, we expect the "new iPads" to sell out soon, and eventually result in a longer wait time than then three days that are currently being seen vs. the first day of retail launch.

If you want a "new iPad" ASAP, you'd best pre-order it soon. Eventually, Apple will catch up with the demand, but there will be a time, probably longer than most buyers would like, where they will have to wait patiently for their new "new iPad."

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