Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Twitter's 'Larry' (the Bird): logo not nameless after all

Twitter's bird logo is ubiquitous (as is its Fail Whale) but did you know that the bird has a name? Indeed, his name is Larry.

A Tweet by Ryan Sarver, a Twitter employee who works on the company's platform and API services, confirmed the fact. The revelation, for Sarver at least, came during a presentation by Doug Bowman (Twitter's creative director) during which Bowman discussed "the evolution of the Larry the Bird logo" on Monday.

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Although in comments in the Tweet Sarver said that not many know that the Twitter bird was named Larry, the info is not new. It may have been outed even before, but we know that it was at least confirmed when Twitter asked users to try and draw Larry better than "The Today Show's" Ann Curry.

It should be obvious that the name Larry probably comes from the ex-Celtics basketball star Larry Bird, and you'd be right. Peter Stringer, the Boston Celtic's director of interactive media Tweeted the question to Twitter co-founder Biz Stone about it in Aug. 2011, and the reply that came back was:

"yes it [Larry] is!"

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