Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MWC 2012: Android activating 850,000 devices daily, with over 300M activated overall

Google's Android chief, Andy Rubin, is at Mobile World Congress, and he Tweeted some interesting Android activation stats (though he is wont to do this even without MWC). Android is now activating 850,000 devices daily, which is a large leap from just December, when Android was seeing700,000 devices activated daily.

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Overall, Google said, there have been over 300 million Android devices activated overall.

In addition, Google said that the Android Market has tripled in size since the 2011 MWC, with 450,000 apps now in the Market, as opposed to 150K last year at this time.

In a sense, it's sort of a recovery for Google, as Apple had a huge fiscal Q1 2012, calendar year Q4 2011, with company's revenue at a record $46.33 billion, up 73 percent year-over-year. Apple also posted a record profit, of $13.06 billion (or $13.87 per share), up 118 percent over fiscal Q1 2011.

Much of that surge was based on the iPhone 4S, but Android appears to be fighting back, with new devices such as the Droid RAZR MAXX, Droid 4, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus among new handsets leading the way.

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