Friday, February 03, 2012

'Kissenger' lets long-distance romantics to remotely kiss

It's that time of the year ... February, with Valentine's Day fast approaching. For those in a long-distance relationship, the inability to kiss your loved one on Feb. 14 is a sad state of affairs (no pun intended). That problem could be alleviated, however, with the Kissenger system.

No, it's not the KissInger system, related to Henry Kissinger. Instead, it's the Kissenger system as in Kiss + Messenger.

Hooman Aghaebrahimi Samani, a researcher in Singapore who specializes in robotics and artificial inteligence, has created the system. It consists of a pair of ball-shaped robots which can be used to transfer kisses remotely.

Samani writes, "With the aid of digital communication media and advanced robotic technology, the system takes the form of an artificial mouth that provides the convincing properties of the real kiss."

Both partners would need a Kissenger device and need to kiss their robot ball, which would then transmit the kiss to the linked robot ball of their partner.
Thing is, let's be honest: if the relationship is long distance and it's been a while, there might be a desire to lock tongues as well as lips, and with a robot ... yuck.

Anyway, watch the Kissenger device demonstration below. We assume a real couple wouldn't be playing such goofy music when they did the "act."

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