Sunday, February 05, 2012

Chevrolet's Super Bowl 2012 ads: Volt is amazing, even to aliens

For Californians, news about the Chevrolet Volt nearing HOV lane entry is probably more significant than any ads, even Super Bowl ads. Still, California is just one state, and Chevy needs to interest more than just the Golden State if the Volt is to be a success.

Chevrolet's Volt Super Bowl 2012 ads focus on the Volt's technology, which appears to amaze some aliens who keep coming to visit a man's garage. In both cases, "it's the third time this week," which is hard to believe since there are two ads. Ah, we suppose it could be the third time this week --- in two different weeks.

In both ads, the man has to explain to the aliens that the Volt is electric, but when it has to go further, it uses gas. That is, in effect, the way a plug-in hybrid works. Plug-in hybrids differ from a regular hybrid in that they are charged overnight via an outlet to enable them to run a significant distance (more or less) without any gasoline at all.

When that battery power is discharged, they turn into a regular hybrid, until they are recharged via an AC outlet again at night.

Ad #1 can be seen in the sidebar and is titled, "Come on," as it ends when the man's wife emerges and the aliens act --- suddenly --- more interested in her than in the car. "Come on!" Ad #1 is called "Who told?" as at the end the man tells them not to tell any other aliens about the Volt technology, when another alien craft lands. "Who told?"

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Interestingly, in ad #2, one commenter notes that "the Charge Cord Status Indicators flashing red, which means, according to my owners manual, that 'the ac is present but does not have the proper safety ground. Charging is not permitted for safety reasons. The AC outlet must be repaired or another outlet source should be used.'" Whoops. Ad #2 is viewable here.

Hopefully, for those wanting back into the HOV lane, GM will make no mistakes --- and get new Volts into California ASAP.

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