Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The new magazine? Three-quarters admit to using their cell phones in the bathroom

Since a high percentage of those surveyed in mid-2011 said they damaged their smartphones via toilet dunking, the results of this study should surprise no one. According to the report "IT in the Toilet," about 3/4 of those surveyed admit to having used their phones in the bathroom.

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It could also explain why 1/6 of cell phones have poop on them.

At any rate, "IT in the Toilet" says that 74 percent of men, and 76 percent (yes, a higher percentage) of the fairer sex say they've used their cell phones in the bathroom. 63 percent report they have answered a phone call, while 41 percent have initiated a phone call.

67 percent have read a text, and 38 percent have surfed the Internet. While more women than men report having used their mobile phones in the bathroom, more men, 30 percent, report that they don't go to the bathroom without their mobile phones, vs. 20 percent of women.

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Men are more likely to work in the bathroom, as well, with 20 percent saying they have participated in work-related calls in the bathroom vs. 13 percent of women. It's unclear if any used laptops on their lap in the stall, however.

iPhone users are the "daintiest." Only 77 percent of iPhone users report using their phones in the bathroom, while 87 percent of Android users have done so. BlackBerry users are in the middle at 84 percent.

That said, BlackBerry users are more likely to answer a call while indisposed, with 75 percent of them reporting to have done so, vs. 67 percent of Android and 60 percent of iPhone users. However, Droid and iPhone users are more likely to browse a social network or use an app than their BlackBerry colleagues (most likely reflecting the ease of use of modern smartphone platforms vs. the older BlackBerry OS).

The "IT in the Toilet" study was done in Oct. 2011 by a new integrated marketing agency, 11mark. The company surveyed 1,000 Americans with mobile phones online. The full (and free) report can be downloaded at http://www.11mark.com/IT-in-the-Toilet.

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