Saturday, July 16, 2011

NFC sticker patent awarded to company Blaze Mobile

Blaze Mobile said on Friday that it has been awarded a patent for a sticker that allows support of NFC (near-field communications) technology without the NFC hardware being directly available in the handset.

It's an interesting development. You'll recall that in May, Google introduced its Google Wallet service. The company added that in order to work on devices that did not have NFC built-into them, the company would use stickers, much like the ones that Blaze has just received a patent on.

Cupcake 125x125 Blaze Mobile currently has an iPhone app, and also a Java-based app for feature phones.

The patent will certainly help the company. CEO Michelle Fisher said that Blaze's NFC sticker technology has been used without credit. She added, "Blaze is not in competition with Google's Nexus NFC phone, or any other NFC phone. We offer consumers an alternative so they do not have to buy a new phone, or wait until more NFC phones are released."

While more phones will surely be released with NFC technology built-in, Google, which has been heavily pushing NFC with its Google Wallet service, estimates that even by 2014, only 50 percent of handsets will have NFC chips embedded. That leaves Blaze Mobile plenty of time to garner revenue.

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