Tuesday, March 08, 2011

iOS 4.3 to launch today; iOS mobile hotspot connection limit a 'carrier decision'

There's been a lot of discussion about iOS 4.3 only supporting three wireless connections in its Mobile Hotspot app, and while it's been noted that Apple's own page about iOS 4.3 says confirms that information, new information on March 8 seems to point to it being a carrier decision.

Folks had forgiven (or at least "not blamed") AT&T after noting that the iOS 4.3 page said only three wireless connections would be allowed to a mobile hotspot, but information given to BGR points to it being a carrier decision. The default is five, but if the carrier requests its, it can be lowered to three.

At this point, this would mean we can go back to blaming AT&T for this, and back to hoping the Verizon will allow 5 wireless connections to its mobile hotspot app when it "catches up."

At the same time, however, sources have said iOS 4.3 will launch earlier than expected. It was supposed to launch Friday with the iPad 2, but reports are it will become available to iDevice users through iTunes at 10AM PST. Hold onto your broadband connection, if that's true.

Update: it seems it won't arrive until tomorrow, at the earliest, but considering the iOS-frenzy, it's no wonder these rumors continue.

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