Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mobile hotspot confirmed coming to all iPhones in iOS 4.3

It appears that the mobile hotspot service, first arriving on Verizon with iOS 4.2.5, will indeed be coming to all flavors of the iPhone. It was first rumored yesterday, but now appears to be confirmed.

BGR has confirmed that iOS 4.3 will add the mobile hotspot feature to all iPhones. Of course, the actual implementation of the hotspot service will be carrier specific.

Verizon places its Mobile Hotspot on many of its smartphones, so the fact that the Verizon iPhone was going to carry the service, which allows up to five devices to connect to a device as though it was a wi-fi network, was no surprise. It wasn't clear if other iPhones would get the service.

Considering how long AT&T took to enable tethering on the iPhone, there's a high probability that AT&T users will have to wait.

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