Sunday, October 17, 2010

'Old Spice Man' heading for Australia to pimp Windows Phone?

Of late, many would say Microsoft is always playing catch-up, and here they are again. The Old Spice Man commercials were a viral hit, and now Microsoft is reporting co-opting him for their Windows Phone 7 ad campaign.

Isaiah Mustafa is a former NFL WR. However, he's probably best known as the Old Spice Man. In this latest gig, he appears to be heading "down under," to Australia, to help Microsoft promote its new smartphone platform. He says:
“Well hello there Australia, I’m Isaiah Mustafa, AKA the most talked about man on the internet, AKA 100 kilograms of lean man. I’m bringing my bungee smugglers down under to introduce to you, yes you, the biggest thing that ever happened with the way you communicate with, and connect to, the people you care about most. It’s quick, it’s easy, and there’s only a short window (winks) of opportunity to see it, and me, and us. So g'day, Land of Oz. I've got a lot of swimming to do."
Too little, too late, just as many say Windows Phone is? Chime in by commenting below.

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