Monday, October 11, 2010

Leaked T-Mo Galaxy Tab pricing in sync with Sprint's leaked pricing

As we noted a few days ago when the pricing info for Sprint's version of Samsung's Galaxy Tab Android-powered tablet was leaked, that price would likely be matched by all the other big 4 U.S. carriers. It appears we're heading in that direction: pricing info for T-Mobile's version has leaked, and it's right on line with Sprint's, more or less.

TmoNews says the price will be $399, after a $50 manufacturer's instant rebate (MIR). That's right in line with Sprint's price. Of course, that requires a 2-year service contract, which is the same as Sprint.

Want the device without a contract? It will cost you $599 with Sprint and $649 with T-Mobile. The iPad has contract-free 3G service, but it's pricing puts it in line with the unsubsidized pricing for the Galaxy Tab devices: the lowest priced 3G-enabled iPad is $629. Still, it might have been interesting if these Android tablets came in with a substantial price advantage over the iPad, to increase early adoption.

Those waiting for leaks for Verizon and AT&T tablets can expect similar pricing, we would expect What isn't clear yet is the pricing for the data plans, and whatever else will differentiate the carrier variants.

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