Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson Downloads on File-Sharing Sites Surge

Michael Jackson's unexpected death has not just flooded the web with those seeking information about the tragic event, it's also energized the file-sharing community. Not only are new sites and Twitter being bombarded by users and news-seekers, but file-sharing aficionados are downloading Michael Jackson music at a fast clip.

Michael Jackson suffered a cardiac arrest on Thursday afternoon, which at this time appears linked to an injection of Demerol possibly administered by his physician, Dr. Conrad Murray.

On Friday afternoon, if you checked the most popular downloads in the music section of Mininova, the largest Bittorrent tracking site, the top seven were all Michael Jackson downloads.

Similarly, at The Pirate Bay, the most notorious (infamous?) Bittorrent tracker, the top two downloads in the music section were Michael Jackson downloads, while a total of six of the top 10 were Michael Jackson downloads.

For those wondering about the Beatles' back catalog, it will go to Sir Paul McCartney, who has been estranged from Michael Jackson since he lost a bidding war for the rights to 200 of the Beatles’ songs.

Additionally, according to biographer Ian Halperin, there's a huge set of unreleased music that Jackson has held back, and that's probably the next large set of Michael Jackson torrents, right?

This March report states that:
Michael Jackson has recorded more than 100 songs in secret, but is refusing to release the tracks until after his death, according to biographer Ian Halperin.

The singer has amassed a stack of tunes but only wants them to be heard by his children, 11-year-old Prince, 10-year-old Paris Katherine, and five-year-old Prince Michael II, after he dies, said Halperin, author of forthcoming book "Unmasked, The Michael Jackson Story".

Halperin said, "I was astonished by the number of songs which have been held back. I was told that he will not let them come out now but wants to leave them for his kids, a very personal legacy to them."
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