Wednesday, April 09, 2008

HP's 2133 Mini-Note PC to Give the Asus Eee PC a Run for Your Money

The Asus Eee PC has drawn much attention, becoming so popular other manufacturers are chomping at the bit to get into that segment. Tuesday HP announced the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC, which it says is targeted for the education market, but will most likely reach into far other markets, just as the Asus Eee PC has.

The 2133 needs a shorter name, and a different OS, in my book. It comes with Windows Vista, which really strains the hardware. I'm not sure why HP didn't make XP an option - or even standard.

Prices range from $499 on the low end (with Linux, 400 MHz FSB, 512 MB RAM, 1.0 GHz VIA C7-M CPU) to $749 on the high end (with Windows Vista, 800 MHz FSB, 2 GB RAM, 1.6 GHz VIA C7-M CPU).

The screens are 8.9" diagonally with a 1280 x 800 resolution.

Wireless-N doesn't seem to be an option, but I'm sure you could add in a USB 2.0-based card, if you wanted. Pricing starts to get more "full-sized laptop-ish" if you start thinking of adding in an optical drive.

HP includes something fairly standard for many hard drive-based laptops: a utility (DriveGuard) that ensures your hard drive will remain safe when dropped.

For someone looking for a miniature notebook (and who doesn't care about speed) to take with them on the run, this is a pretty inexpensive and more fully-featured choice than the Asus Eee PC. Of course, it still has tradeoffs.

Check out a couple of reviews here and here.

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