Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Microsoft Live OneCare Improves (Sorta)

You may recall how far Microsoft Live OneCare lagged earlier in the year, when I posted this story. They can be proud (?) to say they've improved. They were dead last in the last AV Comparatives test ... this time they were 14th out of 17. Ugh.
Microsoft Windows Live OneCare climbed from dead last in March to 14th place in a test of 17 antivirus programs, an Austrian security researcher reported Friday.

Andreas Cleminti's AV Comparatives latest test pitted the top antivirus software against the 20,000-some threats that debuted during the last three months to measure how well each could finger unknown exploits. Cleminti stopped updating each product's virus database, or "signature," Feb. 2, but continued to probe their defenses with every newly discovered virus, malicious script, worm, Trojan, or backdoor until May 2.

Only one program, ESET's NOD32 AntiVirus was pegged by Cleminti with the highest-possible "Advanced+" label. Source: PC World
I'm not surprised at NOD32's performance. As I previously said, I'm really a fan of its heuristics, its ability to detect viruses before they are recorded in a virus database. That said, I'm also not surprised that OneCare still brings up the tail end of the test.

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