Saturday, July 15, 2006

No More Standby Mode for TVs, etc. in the UK?

I saw this story this week, about the U.K. outlawing the use of standby buttons on devices like TVs, DVD players, VCRS, and I thought it was great. However, there have been a few negative postings and it took me a while to figure out why.

The negative postings I've seen about this idea are a bit confused. First, they confuse standby mode on PCs ... which is a lot better than leaving the PC on, really, with standby mode on devices like TVs which, even though you think they're off, aren't really because they have to be "on" in order to respond to a remote control.

Other postings, including comments to the RTN article above (and yes, dear readers, I do post there myself), state that the amount saved is small. Yes, it is ... but think about how much you could save across the world or even across the U.K.

Finally, I doubt they could completely outlaw standby mode. Why? Because remotes would no longer work. At least, the power-on part would no longer work. And how many of us want to get up to turn the TV or whatever on?

I think what they will really end up doing is minimizing the power usage in standby ... for example, this article states most electronics uses 10-15 watts while in standby.

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