Friday, July 21, 2006

Microsoft Confirms Zune; Watch Out (?) Apple

I've been writing about the Zune both here and at RealTechNews for some time now. Today Microsoft caved in and admitted it exists ... though at their blog they were a bit coy about what it was. "Microsoft’s new, holistic approach to music and entertainment."

After months of speculation, this might qualify as anticlimactic, but Microsoft confirmed today that it plans to come out with a portable media player and related software under the name Zune. The company announced the project through an article in Billboard magazine, an abbreviated version of which is here. Source:

So here's the deal. This is exciting, because it's new. But is it really a threat to Apple? Anything Microsoft does is a threat, but with Apple's large market share and almost cult-like following ... this is more likely to hurt second-tier companies like Creative Labs, at least at first.

Also, is it only me, or does every 1.0 release of anything Microsoft does seem ... well, less than optimal? It usually takes them a while to get it right.

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