Friday, March 28, 2014

'Flappy Bird' dominates February App Store, Google Play rankings despite withdrawal

Despite "Flappy Bird" being pulled from the App Store on Feb. 9, its creator, .Gears Studios, led iOS publishers by monthly games downloads in February, App Annie reported in its latest data, released Wednesday.

Once "Flappy Bird" was removed from the market, clones began taking its place. At one point it was estimated that a "Flappy Bird" clone was uploaded to the App Store every 24 minutes at the peak of -- cloneliness.

For example, redBit’s "Splashy Fish," released just after Flappy Bird was withdrawn, would up at number 2 among downloads for February. Redbit's older titles, "Cookie Clickers" in particular, saw a halo effect from the clone.

.Gears Studios also heavily impacted the Google Play Store: "Flappy Bird" was no. 1 in game downloads until it was pulled from the market. Despite the fact that "Flappy Bird" was the only .Gears Studios title available on Google Play, its downloads were still enough to propel the developer into the top five for the month.

"Flappy Bird's" developer, Dong Nguyen, recently said the app would return at some point. Timing was not given, though.

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