Monday, January 13, 2014

Sprint axes 'One Up' early device upgrade program, just four months in

Sprint was the last major carrier to offer an early device upgrade plan -- One Up -- but by Monday, Jan. 13, it was also the first to retire such a plan, as well (reported The Verge). The program was only four months old.

The plan was a response to T-Mobile USA's JUMP program, which was quickly copied by both AT&T and Verizon. One Up allowed customers to pay for their devices over 24 month, as well as to upgrade their device early by trading it in after a year.

However, customers looking to find out more about One Up are being informed that it has been retired, and are invited to examine Sprint's new "Framily" plan, instead. Framily was introduced during CES 2014, and lets subscribers add friends and family members to the plan to get a price cut.

Even if friends are added in, each subscriber gets his or her own bill. Each person also gets 1GB of data per month, which can be increased to 3GB for $10 more and unlimited for $20 more.

The key to Framily is that as more customers are added to the plan, the savings rises.

However, the only way to now get an early device upgrade -- it's unclear if Sprint will come up with a replacement to One Up, but for now, there is none -- is to get a Framily plan and pay $20 extra per month for unlimited data.

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